L4G.TV – Current Affairs show

Start of the L4G.tv Current Affairs weekly show. Airing each Monday evening at 9pm through to 10pm. This first show will be setting the scene of the series and discussing the various topics to be discussed each week. If you would like to come on any of the shows then please drop us comment on the video thread with your contact information.

This weeks show will be hosted by Diane Richardson along with Neal Emery and Chris Ogle.

Starts 10th Aug (2 weeks) then resumes 7th Sept for 14 weeks 9-10pm… running order below for this weeks show…

Week 1 – At the crossroads for the Human Race

* Introduction – we are at a crossroads
* Global finance and debt
* Terrorism, Fear and control
* Europe project
* Sustainability, Climate Change & energy
* The food supply, nutrition & health
* Education and the plight of the young
* Technology and Jobs
* Light at the end of the tunnel
* We all have a choice

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