How to add a new playlist to this portal ?

Very easy, please complete this form and it will be added for you.


How do edit / make changes to a video ?

If you wish to make changes to the original video on YouTube, please go ahead and do so there. This changes will NOT be updated on this portal immediately unless the entry is manually  deleted by an administrator. Next time automated import runs, it will find the missing video and re-import new updated version. Note: All your video data is imported and stored on this portal.


How does view counter work?

This view counter is only calculating view on this portal and YouTube views are not taken in to account.


What the number in brackets on list of video channels?

It means how many videos entries are currently available on respective channels.


How is these hash (#) tags on the right side column populated?

When you add video in to YouTube website, you have an option to add tags, these imported / reused for linking similar interest video. All hash (#) tags are also imported and become active links on this portal and automatically displayed. Next to each tag it display how many videos are aggregated in to the same tag.


How does search box (top next to main logo) works?

You can search for any keywords or combination of words in the search and it will display the most relevant video results matched to video title and description as well as hash (#) tags. Most recent videos will be on the top of search results.