About L4G TV


L4G.TVL4G.tv is a YouTube based community TV Portal. What does that mean? It means that finally we have a TV Platform that we, the people in the community, can use to share what is happening. There is no cost to getting involved and shows are organised both locally and nationally.

The challenge for anyone making videos is getting those videos seen. With L4G.tv we can quickly add videos to the Link4Growth District YouTube playlists and then they in turn are included on our National L4G.tv portal.


At last… a community TV Platform that enables us to share what is happening in the community and where we can create shows about things that are important to us. All totally free of ‘programming’. The time has come for us to make the news and to share information and experience from real people.


To get involved in making the shows, providing content or coming on as a guest please use this link below to join our discussion groups which are located on G+