International musicians play at our Big Bandstand in Cassiobury Park

The Voyageurs Ambassadors of Music USA will be performing across a series of dates in June and July & local bands will be performing at Big Bandstand right up until late September:

Cassiobury Park - a little ride around

If you are new to Cassiobury Park in Watford… have been there before… a while ago… or would like to see how it is late on a summers eve… then here is a whistlestop tour of the main walk / recreation areas… another day the river, canal and perhaps a bit of whippendell woods…

L4GTV - Sustainability - Growing food project

Jenny Lynn talks with Chris Ogle about her local community project growing food in peoples gardens… this is a quick overview which will lead to other onsite videos and explanations… Jenny hopes this idea can spread to other areas quickly and easily… it’s all just about communication and sharing our knowledge.

Audrey Mitchell - Herts Prems sharing the story

Audrey Mitchell co-founded HertsPrems a charity to support mothers of premature babies. What has happened since is not only fantastic support for the families involved but the creation of a whole community, new friends and connections from around Herts, Beds and Bucks.

Audrey talks here to Chris Ogle to share the story…

more info here…
email :
Twitter: @hertsprems

Christopher Lawley talking about Croxley Folk

Catching up with Christopher and the #Croxley Folk that gather monthly at the Kitchen Croxley.

An informal gathering of local people like the ‘camp fire’ of old… at the friendly delightful Kitchen Croxley. People come along and share whatever it is they want to share… could be music, poetry, stories…

4th Wednesday of the month 7:30pm

Lily Ling talking about Helo - Health & Wellness

Lily discussing with Chris about the growing market for tools that enable us to take responsibility for our own health. The baby boomer generation are now approaching the latter third of their lives… having saved hard for retirement… no health no fun in retirement… time to start looking after ourselves… the growing trend in personal health monitoring just got a big boost….

Table Tennis fun at the Kitchen in Croxley

If you fancy having a game of ‘Micro’ Table tennis then why not join us down at the Kitchen on Friday afternoons from 5-7pm … two table and a whole lot of laughs….

Here Abbas and I having a laugh… me using the Google Glasses to give you a view of what I see as we played…

#ThroughGlass #GoogleGlass #ThruGlass