Susanne Wiechert - Gratitude R.../ evolution

Listen in to a very interesting discussion about how Gratitude can
have a huge impact on our daily lives.

By exercising the gratitude muscle daily Susanne explains how this can improve self worth and remove self esteem issues both effectively and quickly.

Susanne has been working in the field of Life coaching, NLP, mindfulness and Mindset development for a while and gratitude features in all of these techniques. But in creating a programme specifically aimed at something everyone can learn to do easily (already do in many cases but not purposefully) and that makes such a huge difference is definitely going to help a great many people.

Marlene Rhodes talking about the closure of Nascot Lawns - Watford

An important interview in many ways this with Marlene Rhodes talking about the proposed closure of the NHS Nascot Lawn children’s respite service in Watford.

A society is often measured by how it treats the vulnerable in the community and this proposed closure hits the most vulnerable in the most devastating way. The centre is for children who have severe disabilities and medical needs and provides families with really essential periods of respite in what are very demanding circumstances,

As the interview unfolds Marlene explains how this desperate situation would likely cause far more expense as the ripple effect passes through siblings, families, and the wider community. Once can’t help thinking that a tick in the box, budget saving decision has been taken with little regard for the ongoing implications.

Let us hope that with the involvement of high profile supporters such as Richard Harrington, mainstream TV channels and peers in the house of lords that there is a mad rush of sanity and this closure is taken of the agenda for a very long time.

Watford Cassiobury Park hub and Paddling Pools Fountains - Drone Aerial View

Drone fly-by of Paddling pools and water jets come to Cassiobury in time for the holidays, grand opening takes place on July 1 from 11am-2pm.

A water play park with 30 state-of-the-art splash pads, water jets and fountains, will be next to the two new paddling pools.

Cassiobury Park hub, which has been redeveloped at a cost of £2.8m. They’re part of a wider £6.6m regeneration of Cassiobury Park – funded by us, and the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery funds.

The new hub will include toilets, changing rooms, a community and exhibition room, education space, the Daisy’s in the Park cafe and more. There will also be Changing Places facilities for disabled users, so that everyone can enjoy this wonderful waterpark and community meeting place.

Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill said: “Watford’s paddling pools are one of our iconic features that generations of people who have grown up here know and love.

WBC Small Grants Fund: Making a difference in Watford

We’ve got up to £2,000 each to hand out to community groups (formal or informal) through our Small Grants Fund:

Local charity Playskill used the funding to buy toys to help educate the children with special physical needs that it cares for.

Nominate someone now for an Audentior Award

Garston Ladies FC chairman Ray Smith and vice-chairman Dave Annal caught up with us about what winning one of our Audentior Awards meant to them. Please nominate someone who deserves one of our 2017 Audentior Awards:

We’ve extended the deadline until Monday 10 July so that we can get as many nominations as possible. You could nominate a neighbour, friend, club member, or community leader who has really done their bit to go the extra mile and help people in Watford. They don’t expect anything back, but still do their bit for other people.

CycleTimeWithChris - Community Hub opening day

Chris took off on his bike again today to check out the new Cassiobury Park Community Hub after it was in full swing today 1st July 2017. Opened earlier 11am by Major Dorothy the £2.8 million development is a high tech water park for the local combined with a multi purpose community facility that brings together all the Cassiobury park activities…

Sustainability TV - Get Diggin It - Part 2

Jenny Lynn talking to Chris Ogle about how “Get Diggin it” all started. what was a spare bit of ground being put to good use has now turned into a community building project that is also growing food and building strong relationships between people supporting and nurturing each other.

Jenny has developed an idea that can be replicated literally anywhere in the country… if we all just started growing our own food… what an amazing development that would be… and what a ripple impact that would have on our communities..

Sustainability TV - Get Diggin it - Part 1

Unedited and raw… 26th June talking with Jenny Lynn in Great Dunmow about their community project Get Diggin In. Through growing food and vegetables Jenny is rebuilding community… developing knowledge, connections, and actually learning / teaching others how to grow food.

Jenny is also using a Facebook group to bring together those involved and has started to gain interest with other allotment plot holders who can actually see how you can combine growing fruit and vegetables with having fun too.

In part 2 we will be talking about how it actually happened… from idea to the project becoming established.

Croxley Green Revels + Princess Speech - June 2017

The Revels is the embodiment of the community of Croxley Green and is one of the prime factors that gives the village its unique identity.

The Revels may only be one afternoon a year but it involves months of anticipation, preparation, practice or training for many sectors of the community and can be viewed as a culmination, a focus, for all that is good about the village.