Education Channel – Libby’s Dream School

During this video, 10-year-old Libby – who struggles in school and has been diagnosed with ADHD, ASD and Generalised Anxiety – shares her dream for a different approach to education; a dream that I have committed to support her in bringing into reality.

Key features of Libby’s “imaginary school” include:
* Small student body of around 40 children, aged 6-15
* Children act as teachers and mentors to other children
* Unrestricted age mixing
* 3 large, well-equipped rooms with comfortable, movable furniture
* Freedom to choose what, when, how and with whom you learn
* Just one adult teacher who acts as a mother figure
* Students attend 2-3 days per week and spend the rest of the week at home
* A safe space (“Anxiety Room”) where children can talk through their worries and challenges with child mentors
* Large sports field with dedicated areas for youngest students
* Children can build fires and climb trees

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