Carter's Steam Fair UK - 4k Aerial Drone video

Nighttime Drone View of Carter’s Steam Fair Croxley Green – September 17th

Daytime video

Cycling with Chris

Cycling into Croxfest on the 2nd September 2017. A beautiful day for it and the people of Croxley warmly supported the event. Great line up of bands and music and a real community feel about the event.

As one person said… the hope is that it doesn’t become commercialised and stays as it is now… a local community celebration…

Cycling with Chris - Harry Potter & Airport Way

A quick wizz by Warner Bros. Leavesden Studios and the Harry Potter experience. Another chance to see how it looks from the outside…. then onto the Housing estate that has grown up around the studios. A sneak peek into an estate you’d never normally drive down unless you lived there… some useful shops… and a school on the way allegedly…

Cycle with Chris - Langley Road and Nascot Wood

Cycling back to mum’s and taking the scenic route through Nascot Wood area… watch out for Nascot Lawns, Children’s respite centre… which is the subject of a hot closure dispute right now…

Cycle with Chris - Courtlands Drive - Hempstead Road

Cycling back from mums to Ogle Towers. A glimpse of the Harry Potter studios Leavesden… and then on to Courtlands Drive, and then the mile along Hempstead Road to the flat…

Three Street Artists Performing at Imagine Watford Year Full HD 2015

1. TinCanCompany have a unique aesthetic and razor-sharp timing. They climb the Chinese pole, walk the slack rope and breathe life into everyday objects with a daredevil, heart-warming humour. They tell stories without words; wryly imaginative with some surprising points to make.

fast-paced and absurd circus performance, clown characters.

Camping Delight is a show created for international touring and outdoor performance to a wide range of audiences.

Laundry XL is a streettheatre performance by 6 women and a large pile of sheets.Six laundry ladies roam the city and tranform it into a world of white laundry. Laundry is the main ingredient for a fleeting drama that passes by. With their tight household emotions of these fanatical laundry women sometimes go a bit overboard.

The performance balances in the realm of dance, theatre and visual art. Fluttering laundry is a dancing piece of art in itself and with that Laundry XL proves there is beauty in homeliness.
When you enlarge something insignificant like laundry to extreme proportions, it suddenly becomes interesting and starts to live a life of its own.

#imaginewatford #watfordBIGfest #LaundryXL

A stunning outdoor aerial production inspired by Angela Carter’s short story The Tiger’s Bride, a re-imagining of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. Be-Loved portrays the intense emotions of first love with spectacular, physical aerial work and a visually striking set.

The foremost exponents of multi-disciplinary aerial and abseiling performance. They created an outside performance using conventional spaces in physical theatre, abseiling, dance and acrobatics.

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Jane Johnson - The Random Cafe

An interview with Jane Johnson about the inspired Random Coffee shop – an idea spawned by the Real Junk Food Project.

Jane shares with her vision for the project (1) use food that would otherwise be thrown away (2) provide healthy nutritious meals (3) Pay what feels right… with money, services, support, help promoting (4) Help others to see how easy it is (and low cost) to cook fresh tasty food – through workshops, recipe books…

Please do support this amazing local initiative…

To find out more there is a launch on the 16th September

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